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ConWeb MT: A Window Into Montana’s Correctional System

ConWeb MT, or the Correctional Offender Network Website, is a unique online resource that offers the public an intriguing insight into the adult offenders under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections in Montana. A beacon of transparency, this digital tool represents a potent blend of technological convenience and social responsibility. ConWeb MT fulfills the department’s commitment to public safety and transparency, providing access to data that demystifies the correctional process.

The ConWeb MT service, accessible at, allows users to search the public inmate records of convicted felons in the state of Montana. With weekly updates, the service ensures that public information is accurate, current, and helpful for those seeking to better understand the system’s workings.




Public Information

ConWeb MT transcends being a mere digital database. Instead, it has become a valuable tool that fosters an understanding of the correctional system among the public.

The Power of Weekly Updates

Updating the records on a weekly basis underlines the dedication to accuracy that forms a cornerstone of ConWeb MT. It assures that the service is not just a static repository of information but a dynamic tool that mirrors the fluid nature of correctional processes.

Complex System

ConWeb MT provides a valuable service to the people of Montana, bridging the gap between the correctional system and the public. It allows the public to access information about adult offenders and offers a unique perspective on the Department of Corrections work.

As we move forward in an era where transparency is paramount, tools like ConWeb MT exemplify how technology can enhance our understanding of societal institutions.