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Blaine County, Montana, is no stranger to criminal activity. The recent arrests in the region give us insights into the continuous efforts made by local law enforcement to ensure public safety.

Engaging Investigative Services in Blaine County

Currently, you have options to not only engage public agencies but also hire private firms for investigative services in Blaine County, MT. These options carry unique advantages and disadvantages, influencing the scope and use of the information you gather from the investigation.

Gathering Information on Blaine County Arrests

Whether you’re seeking data on minor or severe crimes, the list of individuals arrested offers a detailed view of the prevalent criminal activities in the area. Suppose you aim to obtain Blaine County arrest records and active warrants through a third-party agency. In that case, one key benefit is the convenience of sourcing this data online without leaving your home.

Processing Charges and Information Accessibility

You can expect the same processing fees as those imposed by state agencies. With this method, you can obtain information about arrest warrants concerning your subject from across the country, and the results will be displayed on your screen within seconds.

Crimes in Blaine County are generally divided into two primary groups: violent crimes and property crimes. Property crimes typically encompass offenses like burglary, theft of vehicles, and larceny. On the other hand, violent crimes mainly consist of robbery, aggravated assault, murder, and forcible rape.

Interaction with Government Departments

To conduct an investigation on outstanding warrants from Blaine County through a government department, it’s necessary to visit the agency office in person. You can also contact the department by mail. Either way, you’ll receive a formal background report that can be used for immigration, employment, or licensing purposes.

Contact Details

  • The sheriff: 400 Ohio, Chinook, Montana 59523
  • The magistrate: 420 Ohio St, Chinook, MT 59523
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 278, Chinook, Montana 59523-0278

However, those with active Blaine County warrants may not find this a viable option due to the looming fear of arrest.

Availing Private Firm Services

Should you wish to use the services of a private firm, you can fill out the application form provided above. Once completed, click on ‘search’ to discover results on arrests and the issuance of active warrants. 

Who can assist you with a warrant search and arrest inquiry in Blaine County over the phone? (Updated in 2023)            

  • To know about recent arrests: Call the Sheriff’s Office at (406) 357-3260.
  • To find out about outstanding warrants: Call the Justice of Peace Court at (406) 357-2335 (Chinook) and (406) 353-2361 (Harlem).
  • To get general information or to file a non-emergency complaint: Call the Sheriff’s dispatch phone number- (406) 357-3260.
  • Contact the Clerk’s Office at (406) 357-3230 to learn more about accessing criminal larceny-theft.

Crime statistics of Blaine County

Blaine County’s yearly crime average increased by 150% in 2018 to 40 incidents. The annual violent almost doubled, including four rape cases and 27 serious assaults.

Complaints filed against property crimes were for five instances of larceny-theft, three instances of car theft, and 1 of burglary.

In a recent event in Montana, a suspect named Jonathan Ryan Hamilton was shot during a hostage situation in Glasgow. Hamilton had been arrested on a Blaine County arrest warrant in another state and was returned to Montana to face several criminal charges pertaining to child sexual assault. He was being held in the Valley County Detention Center on four counts of being a fugitive from justice. 

Older crime statistics

Between 2002 and 2008, on average, about 70 crimes were reported in Blaine County, Montana. This figure did almost double in 2003 but since then the rates of overall criminal activity have shown a steady decline to plunge to well below 40 cases.

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