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Ravalli County Public Records

These records are a testament to the county’s commitment to transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system, and they play a necessary role in ensuring that the rights of individuals are protected. By making this information readily available to the public, Ravalli County hopes to promote a better understanding of the criminal justice system and to provide individuals with the tools they need to stay informed about the actions of law enforcement and the court. The Ravalli County Public Records are an important resource for individuals seeking information about the criminal justice system in the area.

Why conduct a warrant search in Ravalli County

People often put off arrest warrant searches in Ravalli County, MT, assuming that the present time is not good enough for such an inquiry or that the investigation is unnecessary. Unfortunately, these individuals frequently regret their decision as criminal elements get too close to their business and personal interests.

Do not let this happen to you when you can easily find out about the Ravalli County arrest records and active warrants in the names of just about everybody you know. Apart from the three state agencies offering criminal history details, it is also possible to include private agencies in your warrant search. These firms can offer details on arrests and outstanding warrants from all states.

Conducting a Private inquiry for Search Warrant in Ravalli County

For a private inquiry, you will need to use the form above. Insert the required information and click the button below to access the criminal history repository. However, suppose you are after a formal background report that details the issue of arrest warrants, the detentions effected under these, case verdict, incarceration data, and information on parole and release. In that case, you will have to contact one of the agencies given below. You can get in touch with them by going to their office in person or by writing to them at:

  • The Police: 205 Bedford Street, Ste G, Hamilton, Montana 59840
  • The court: As above
  • The clerk of court: 215 South 4th Street, Suite C, Hamilton, Montana 59840

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or information about Ravalli County warrants over the phone? (Updated-2023)         

  • Call the Ravalli County Adult Detention Center to get information about arrests- (406) 375-4080.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department for anything related to arrests, incidents, and accidents- 406-375-4060/ 406-363-3033.
  • Get in touch with the Justice of Peace Court for information on arrest warrants-(Darby) – (406) 821-3748, (Hamilton) – (406) 375-6755/65, (Pinesdale) – (406) 961-5660 and (Stevensville) – (406) 777-5271.
  • Contact the Victim Services Program at (406) 375-6355 if you need victim assistance.
  • Call the Office of the Clerk of Court to learn about the process for initiating a judicial record search-(406) 375-6716.

Crime statistics of Ravalli County

Between 2018 and 2019, Ravalli County’s crime rate increased by about 8%, from an annual average of 305 incidents to 331. In 2019, 266 cases were filed in the property offenses category, while the rest were filed in the violent crimes category.

More than 195 reports were filed for larceny thefts, and 50 complaints were filed for burglary. Around 55 allegations of aggravated assault were among the 65 complaints against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Of the estimated 400 crimes reported in Ravalli County, Montana, every year, about 12% are incidents of violent crime. Although the number of homicides is quite low at just one complaint filed each year, assaults have a fairly high average of almost 40 cases per annum. Also, the violent crime rate has surged by almost 90% while the overall criminal incident average has nearly doubled.

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