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Toole County Arrest Warrant Search

Why not start an arrest warrant search from Toole County, MT, at the magistrate’s office when this agency is responsible for issuing all legal provisions, including active warrants? In the case of detention orders, the court acts as an impartial entity that is responsible for taking a call on whether the police have the right reasons to call for the arrests of individuals who are suspected of committing criminal acts.

The Toole County Sheriff is the elected head law enforcement official for Toole County, Montana. The Sheriff is responsible for overseeing the Toole County Sheriff’s Office, including the enforcement of laws, the investigation of crimes, and the protection of citizens.

Toole County Sheriff

 The Sheriff manages the county jail and is responsible for the custody and care of inmates. The Sheriff works with other law enforcement agencies and community organizations to promote public safety and ensure the law’s fair and impartial enforcement. The Sheriff serves as a leader in the administration of justice in Toole County and is accountable to the county’s citizens. With a commitment to serving and protecting the community, the Toole County Sheriff is vital in maintaining law and order in the area.

This decision is made based on the evidence that the investigating officers collect. Yet, it should be understood that issuing arrest warrants does not involve proving guilt beyond doubt; this is left for the trial proper. At the pre-warrant stage, the police merely have to show through hearsay evidence, witness testimony, and other available proof that they have reasonable cause to hold the accused responsible for a crime. Hence they are asking for a Toole County active warrant.

 Outstanding Warrants in Toole County

Outstanding warrants have almost unlimited reach because the judiciary and the police collaborate on their issue. The tribunals will also have details on arrest records because as soon as an accused is detained under a warrant, the order is sent back to the issuing authority. Along with the office of the magistrate, the county clerk’s and the sheriff’s office also keep information on Toole County arrest records and active warrants. To get your hands on this data, you can approach the following:

  • The office of the sheriff: 235 Deer Lodge, Shelby, Montana 59474
  • The court of the magistrate: 226 1st Street South, Shelby, Montana 59474
  • The department of the county clerk: As above

Is it possible to obtain information about Toole County arrest warrants and recent arrests by phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Recent arrests-related details: (406) 434-5585.
  • Information on Victim/Witness assistance: (406) 434-5417.
  • Inquiries about outstanding warrants: (406) 424-8315.
  • Questions about judicial records access: (406) 424-8330.

Crime statistics of Toole County

The Sheriff’s Office of Toole County handled 81 criminal matters in 2019. Of the total number of complaints filed, 51 were against property crimes, while 30 were against violent crimes.

With 43 cases, larceny theft had the highest occurrence rate of all property crimes. Burglary brought in around four complaints. Aggravated assault cases formed the bulk of violent crimes at 26 incidents.

Older crime statistics

The incident rate of about 80 cases per annum puts Toole County, Montana, in the bracket of the low-crime neighborhoods of the state. About 20% of these cases are filed against violent criminal matters. In terms of trends, an upward movement of about 20% was seen in averages of violent and reported crime.

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