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Over the last couple of years, arrest warrant searches from Powell County, MT have emerged as the definitive way to find information on the criminal past of the subject.When you launch an inquiry to find arrest records, you will get the chance to look through the crime history databases kept by all agencies that are involved in processing adult offenders in the area.

For instance, most people will offer the advice of reaching out to the local police department to find details on arrest warrants from Powell County. Undoubtedly, this is sound advice since the law enforcement agency applies for the release of all active warrants along with other judicial orders such as search and seizure directives.

Cops also serve outstanding warrants from Powell County by making arrests in criminal cases where these legal instruments have been brought to use. So, from the police department, you could find out about people who have already been tried, those who are awaiting trial and also those who have not been captured as yet, but criminal proceedings have been started against them through the issue of arrest warrants.

The judiciary including the office of the county clerk can also offer similar information on the subject but they will not be able to provide a most wanted list for the area. Yet, they do make up for this by opening up their court dockets database which also contains information on civil matters for applicants. These agencies work out of:

  • The Police: 313 4th St, Deer Lodge, Montana 59722
  • The court: 409 Missouri Ave, Deer Lodge, MT 59722
  • The clerk of court: As above

Is it possible to acquire information from Powell County on recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)       

  • (406) 846-2711 – Call for information on recent arrests
  • (406) 846-9737 – Call for a warrant search
  • (406) 846-1650 – Use the non-emergency phone number- for general inquiries
  • (406) 846-2711 – Call to contact Victim/Witness Services, phone
  • (406) 846-9787 – Call to learn the process for a case search

Crime statistics of Powell County

In 2019, the Powell Sheriff’s Department received 31 criminal complaints, compared to 11 in 2018. Throughout the year, 19 property offenses and 12 crimes against people were reported. Cases were registered against 8 instances of larceny thefts, 4 instances of burglary, 7 instances of motor vehicle theft, 8 instances of aggravated assault, and 3 instances of rape.

Older crime statistics

An estimated 200 criminal cases are taken to the police of Powell County, Montana each year. Fortunately, the sheriff’s office has been putting in some serious efforts to keep a firm grip over the crime scenario in the area. This is apparent in the drop of over 100% in the rates of violent crime and the decrease of almost 70% in the average of overall criminal activity.

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