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Silver Bow County Warrant List

The Silver Bow County Warrant List is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking information about individuals who are wanted by the police in Silver Bow County, Montana. This list provides details about individuals with outstanding warrants, including their charges and the circumstances surrounding them.

Although the police department is often touted to be the only “go to” point for an arrest warrant search in Silver Bow County, MT, the fact is that the judiciary can also handle such investigations on behalf of civilian applicants. The information offered by the offices of the magistrate and the county clerk will often be more exhaustive than the details provided by the sheriff’s department.

Who is in charge of Criminal Processing in Silver Bow County?

This is understandable given the extensive roles played by the clerk of court and the tribunals in the area, not just in criminal matters but also in civil litigations. In contrast, the police have been put in charge of unlawful processing. The sheriff’s department relays the petition, which eventually leads to the release of Silver Bow County active warrants. These outstanding warrants are then handed over to the sheriff’s deputies so that arrests can be made through their use.

Silver Bow County Arrests

As far as Silver Bow County arrest records go, the judicial agencies and law enforcement keep these records. As soon as an accused is taken into custody, information on this is sent to the office of the magistrate and the clerk of the court’s department by returning the arrest warrant. The judiciary and the police have 48 hours to provide bail and arraignment hearing for the arrestee. To contact these offices, go to the following:

  • The sheriff’s: 225 Alaska St, Butte, MT 59701
  • The magistrate’s: 155 W Granite St, Butte, MT 59701
  • The county clerk’s: 155 West Granite Street, Room 208, Butte, Montana 59701

How do you obtain details about Silver Bow County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)    

  • To report a non-emergency, call the dispatch phone line at (406) 497-1120.
  • To access information about warrants, contact the Justice of Peace or City court at (406) 497-6365/6393/6396.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call the Detention Center at (406) 497-1040.
  • To speak with a detective assigned to your case (only for victims), contact the Investigations Division at (406) 497-1180.
  • To get information about the process for conducting a local criminal background check, contact the Administrative Assistant at (406) 497-1179.
  • To reach Victim/Witness Services, please get in touch with the Victim’s Advocate at (406) 497-6243.
  • To get a certified statement of criminal court records, contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (406) 497-6357.

Crime statistics of Silver Bow County

In 2019, more than 2,000 crimes were reported in Silver Bow County. Nearly 1850 were property crimes, and around 170 were violent crimes.

Property crimes included around 1400 larceny-theft cases and over 230 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total had approximately 155 instances of aggravated assault,  11 cases of rape, and 9 of robbery.

Older crime statistics

At 1500 cases per annum, Silver Bow County, Montana’s crime average, seems exceptionally high compared to some other areas in the state. Fortunately, the rate of violent crimes is held down at about 8% of this figure. However, crimes in this category may bring in more complaints in the coming years, given the rise of almost 40% in the rate of violent criminal acts.

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