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Because the office of the sheriff, the court of the magistrate and the department of the clerk of court are located in three different parts of Jefferson County, an arrest warrant search can entail quite a bit of running around. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to every agency listed here if you are merely seeking details on MT arrest records and outstanding warrants.

Yet, it would make sense to learn about the additional data that these offices can bring to the table. This way, you’ll know who to approach when you need more than the regular warrant search.

Crime history information: The police are exceptionally meticulous about keeping all information pertaining to the arrests made by them, the Jefferson County active warrants that they are in charge of serving as well as the eventual judicial disposition of cases that were handled by them. So, you could find a most wanted lists and crime statistic along with a criminal history report from them. However, there is little else the agency can offer.

Now, if you are wondering what else can you possibly want?Try information on civil litigations. Yes, these are up for grabs too if you know where to look.

Criminal and civil court dockets: The office of the county clerk is responsible for keeping information on all tribunal proceedings. So, apart from data on Jefferson County outstanding warrants and arrests, you could also find out if your subject was involved in a civil case. The office of the magistrate can elaborate on the other judicial provisions in this person’s name, including criminal summons and bench warrants.

Where can you go to approach these justice agencies?

  • Law enforcement: 110 South Washington Boulder, Montana 59632
  • Judiciary: 210 W Centennial Ave, Boulder, MT 59632
  • County clerk: PO Box H, Boulder, Montana 59632-0249

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Jefferson County? (2021- Update) 

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department for information about incident and accidents and an arrest report- (406) 225-4075.
  • Contact the Justice of Peace/City Court for all inquiries about active warrants- (406) 225-4055/(406) 225-3381 (Boulder) and (406) 287-3972 (Whitehall).
  • Dial the phone number of the Jefferson County Detention Center for information on recent arrests and inmate arrest records- (406) 225-4091.
  • Find out about victim’s assistance by contacting the Victim’s Advocate- (406) 439-1680.
  • Learn about criminal case court dates and judicial records by calling the Clerk of Court-(406) 225-4042.

Crime statistics of Jefferson County

In 2019, about 106 criminal complaints were filed in Jefferson County. About 80 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (42), burglary (27), and car thefts (14). There were 21 cases of serious assault and 2 cases of rape among the 23 complaints filed in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Despite a low crime rate that does not even cross into the 70 case mark, the residents of Jefferson County, Montana have a lot to worry about. In recent years, instances of violent crime have peaked by over 70%, going from just 8 to 10 incidents per annum to over 32 complaints recorded each year. Reported criminal activity also showed a growth of over 80%.

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