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Conducting an arrest warrant search in Chouteau County, MT has been made easy by the fact that the local police furnish a lot of information through their website. Although, you still won’t be able to find arrest records through the internet portal of the agency, they are now offering a list of all active warrants online.

However, before you decide to rely on this service entirely to find the criminal history of your subject, you need to understand that the arrest warrants included on the page at are all recent issues. In other words, if the crime committed by the person under investigation dates back to a few years, you may not find information on this through the warrant list even if an outstanding warrant from Chouteau County exists in the case.

There are two ways to get a complete criminal profile of this individual; you can connect with a state agency or get in touch with a private information vendor. For the former, you could connect with three agencies. To initiate the warrant search, you will need to visit the offices given below in person or send in your inquiry through mail.

  • The sheriff: 1215 Washington Ave, Fort Benton, Montana 59442
  • The magistrate: 119 2nd Ave SW, Ronan, MT 59864
  • The clerk of court: 1308 Franklin Street, Fort Benton, Montana 59442

However, third party agencies work differently from state entities. They provide the results of all active warrant inquiries online. People who buy their services are allowed to use their search tool to find details on arrests and warrants from all parts of the country. For one such reliable service, use the form above.

Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Chouteau County? (In the year 2021)           

  • To find out about recent arrests, dial the phone number of the Chouteau County Detention Center- (406) 622-3660.
  • To get in touch with a detective who is handling your case (victims only), call (406) 622-5451.
  • To request a case search, call the Clerk of the Court (District) at (406) 622-5024.
  • To report a person who has an outstanding warrant against him/her, call the City/Justice of Peace Court at (406) 622-5502 (Big Sandy) or (406) 622-5502 (Fort Benton).
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the Chouteau Attorney’s Office at (406) 622-3246

Crime statistics of Chouteau County

The Chouteau County Sheriff’s Office got 4 criminal complaints in 2019, which included 3 property-related offenses and 1 violent offense. Complaints were filed against 2 instances of burglary, 1 of petty theft, and 1 of rape.

Older crime statistics

At just about 70 crimes per annum, Chouteau County, Montana is one of the low crime neighborhoods of the state. The violent crime rate is slightly high at 15% of the annual total but this will change in the near future given the drop of almost 70% in such criminal occurrences.

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