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An attempt to initiate an arrest warrant search in Sanders County, MT will be rewarded with a significant amount of information offered on the person under investigation. Typically, when you approach the police or any other justice agency for details on criminal history, you will be told about all cases in which the offender was found guilty.

Additionally, you can also find out about the recent arrest records on file against this person. Any arrests that were made within one to three years are included in the report along with details on the issue of Sanders County outstanding warrants. Furthermore, you can also get data on where the sentencing was carried out, the time that the inmate spent in the state penitentiary and release conditions.

You will see that almost all of this information is related to criminal infractions except for the identifier data provided in the report such as the full name of the accused, mug shots offered by the Department of Corrections, gender, race, physical attributes and contact details. However, if you go through the office of the county clerk, you can also access civil judicial details.

So, if you touch base with this department, you can get court dockets pertaining to the issue of Sanders County active warrants plus you will be allowed to access information on insurance, family, probate and commercial cases that are being argued in the civil courts of the area. To get in touch with the state entities listed here, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 522 Maiden Ln, Thompson Falls, Montana 59873
  • The magistrate’s: 1111 Main St, Thompson Falls, MT 59873
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 519, Thompson Falls, Montana 59873

How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Sanders County over the phone? (Expires in 2021)

  • Details on arrests can be obtained by calling the Sheriff’s Office- (406) 827-3584.
  • Information on County outstanding warrants can be availed from the Justice of Peace/City courts- Hot Springs- (406) 741-2353, Plains- (406) 826-3515, Thompson Falls- (406) 827-3557/6941.
  • Question pertaining to arrest records and incident reports can be taken to Administration Unit- (406) 827-6951.
  • Details about initiating a case search can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Court-(406) 827-6962.

Crime statistics of Sanders County

Sanders County’s yearly crime average decreased by 13% in 2019, so the annual average stood at 40 incidents. Violent crimes led to the filing of 5 complaints. Among these were 1 occurrence of rape and 4 cases of serious assault. Larceny-theft accounted for 27 property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for 5 of them.

Older crime statistics

Nearly 200 criminal complaints are filed in Sanders County, Montana each year. About 20% of these cases are lodged in matters that are of a violent nature such as rape and homicide. In recent years, there was a growth of almost 50% in the rate of overall criminal activity but this was balanced by the decrease of almost 40% in violent crimes.

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