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Conducting an arrest warrant search in Rosebud County, MT will involve visiting the offices of the judiciary or the local law enforcement department. Once there, you will be asked to fill out a petition that asks the agency to release information on criminal history. This data can be sought in your name or you could find out if your subject ever participated in criminal acts.

People will usually go for a personal inquiry on Rosebud County arrest records when they have been asked to furnish a background report by an immigration agency, employer or adoption services organization. When the inquiry on arrest warrants pertains to third parties, it is generally launched for the purpose of offering a job, particularly in sectors such as health, day and nursing care, education, gambling, housing, fiduciary funds, etc.

Information on Rosebud County outstanding warrants and arrests can be found with the police as well as judicial agencies such as the county clerk’s department and the office of the magistrate. The latter keeps these records because they are in charge of issuing all active warrants and other legal provisions.

The county clerk’s office has been put in charge of maintaining case related data for the entire judicial network of the area. So, court dockets are kept for civil matters as well as criminal cases. Hence, any inquiry on Rosebud County arrest warrants launched through this agency can get an extensive amount of information on the subject. To connect with these agencies, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 180 13th Ave S, Forsyth, Montana 59327
  • The magistrate’s: 215 N Sanders St, Helena, MT 59601
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 47, Forsyth, Montana 59327

Can you get details about Rosebud County recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • For requesting an arrest report or an incident/accident report- (406) 346-2715 (Forsyth), (406) 784-2399 (Ashland), (406) 748-3385 (Colstrip).
  • For learning more about active warrants- (406) 748-2300 (Colstrip) or (406) 346-2638 / (406) 346-2525 (Forsyth).
  • For requesting information about victim-witness services: (406) 346-2237.
  • For accessing criminal judicial records: (406) 346-7322.

Crime statistics of Rosebud County

In comparison to the 36 crime reports of 2018, the Rosebud County Sheriff’s Department received 37 criminal complaints in 2019. There were 23 crimes against property and 14 offenses against people in this annual total.

More than 15 larceny thefts, 3 burglaries, and 3 car thefts were recorded as crimes against property. There were 12 aggravated assaults, 1 rape, and 1 robbery among the reported violent offenses.

Older crime statistics

Till 2008, the annual crime average of Rosebud County, Montana hovered around the mark of 140 cases. However, this has changed in the face of the nearly 20% increase in the rates of violent crime and the rise of almost 15% seen in reported criminal activity. At this time, an estimated 200 criminals cases are filed in the area of which about 16% are of a violent nature.

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