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A Hill County arrest warrant search is usually prescribed when you need to access information on a person’s criminal history. For these inquiries, you will need to contact the local police precinct, the sheriff’s office in charge of the area, the county clerk’s department, or the Courthouse. Typically, all justice agencies mentioned herein maintain their database of MT arrest records and information on active warrants.

Moreover, this data is forwarded for inclusion in a central repository maintained at the state level. The information flows in a chain through the justice network. Details on criminal matters investigated by local chapters of the law enforcement agency are forwarded to the sheriff’s office. In turn, they send it to the illegal history information center maintained for the state of Montana.

When a particular sheriff’s department seeks arrest warrants, and this is granted, details about the order are maintained by the affiants, that is, the police, the court of the magistrate that gives the directive, and the county clerk’s department, which keeps the court dockets for the pre-warrant hearing. As explained above, these records of arrests and warrants, fingerprints, and other identifier data are then forwarded to the state entity responsible for keeping the crime history repository.

So, to seek information on the arrests effected in Hill County, the outstanding warrants that have yet to be served, and other crime-related details, you can get in touch with the cops at PO Box 176, 1452 2nd St West, Havre, Montana 59501 or you could visit the judicial complex that houses the offices of the magistrate and the clerk of court at 315 4th St, Havre, MT 59501.

Hill County Courthouse in Marve,

The Hill County Courthouse in Havre, Montana, is a cornerstone of the county’s criminal justice system, with a rich history dating back to the state’s early days. The Hill County Detention Center, also located in Havre, plays a critical role in ensuring public safety and promoting the fair administration of justice in the area. These two institutions work together to provide a comprehensive criminal justice system, with the Courthouse handling legal proceedings and the Detention Center responsible for the secure detention of individuals who have been arrested. Throughout its history, Hill County has been committed to protecting the rights of individuals and ensuring that the administration of justice is fair and consistent. The Hill County Courthouse and Hill County Detention Center continue to play important roles in maintaining public safety and promoting the proper administration of justice in the area.

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Hill County over the phone? (2023-current)           

  • Inquiries about recent arrests: (406) 265-2512
  • Requests for Inmate arrest records: (406) 265-2512, ext. 2102.
  • Warrants-related details: (406) 265-5481 ext. 241/ (406) 265-8575.
  • Questions about an arrest report or incident/accident records: (406) 265-2512, ext. 2108.
  • Requests for criminal court records: (406) 265-5481 ext. 2331.

Crime statistics of Hill County

In 2019, the Hill County Sheriff’s Office received 168 criminal complaints, compared to the 200 received in 2018. There were 146 property offenses and 22 violent crimes in total.

Around 120 larceny thefts, ten burglaries, and 17 motor vehicle thefts were reported in the category of property offenses. More than 15 aggravated assaults, three rapes, and one robbery were included in various violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Of the nearly 600 crimes reported in Hill County, Montana, approximately 11% are violent. Although this figure may not seem eyebrow-raising at first, there has been a rise of nearly 70% in the violent crime rates of the area, while overall criminal activity plunged by almost 15%. Assaults rank the highest on the list of violent crimes in frequency, with nearly 47 cases per annum.


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