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Cascade County Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant search from Cascade County, MT, is the way to go if you are looking for a genuine history report in your name or that of somebody you know. These inquiries can be initiated through a state office, or you could avail of the services of a private entity. There is a difference in how government departments handle such investigations vis à vis third-party firms.

Typically, a state agency, whether you go through the police or the judiciary, will call you into their office to launch the inquiry. This means there is certainly no chance of anonymously searching for arrest warrants. Yet another factor to consider is that there will be genuine risks of arrests if outstanding warrants are found in the name of the applicants.

Now, if you are negating that logic by saying that you couldn’t possibly have a Cascade County active warrant in your name because you were never a part of a gang nor were you ever involved in any illegal acts, here is why that line of reasoning will get you in trouble. Arrest warrants are also issued when you neglect to pay a fine.

Cascade County The Great Falls Warrant

Suppose you’re looking to confirm whether there’s an active warrant for your arrest issued by the Municipal Court. In that case, you can access your files and related information through the Montana Supreme Court’s public portal. Ensure to choose “Great Falls Municipal Court” from the dropdown menu and hit the login icon.

You can view the history of your case with the Municipal Court by selecting the “Party Search” option under the Searches tab in the top menu, where you’ll find the details pertaining to the case.

The Great Falls Warrant List refers to a compilation of individuals with outstanding warrants issued by the courts in Great Falls, Montana. These warrants typically result from failing to appear in court, committing a crime, or violating probation terms.

A warrant list is compulsory for law enforcement to locate and apprehend individuals with outstanding warrants and bring them before the court to answer for the alleged offenses. Access to the Great Falls Warrant List can be obtained through official government websites or by contacting the Great Falls Police Department.

 What information Great Falls Justice Tool Provide?

The Great Falls Justice Court Warrant List also provides valuable information for individuals seeking to stay informed about criminal activity in the area. The warrant list is regularly updated and available to the public through official government websites or by contacting the Great Falls Justice Court or the local law enforcement agency.

 The cooperation between the court judge and the local Sheriff is essential in enforcing these warrants. The judge’s role in issuing the contract is vital, while the Sheriff is responsible for locating and apprehending individuals with outstanding warrants.

The availability of Great Falls Warrants provides essential information for law enforcement and the public, helping to ensure the community’s safety and bring those who have committed crimes to justice. These warrants can be accessed through official government websites or by contacting the Great Falls Police Department or the local court.

So, any forgotten traffic tickets could also come to the issuing outstanding warrant, and you may not have the faintest idea about the directive issue. If you are unsure, the safer bet would be to contact a private information vendor to find details on Cascade County arrest records and warrants. Use the form above to contact one such firm, and for a state agency, go to:

  • The Sheriff: 3800 Ulm North Frontage Rd, Great Falls, Montana 59404
  • The magistrate: 415 2nd Ave N, Great Falls, MT 59401
  • The clerk of court: 121 North 4th contact1, Great Falls, Montana 59403

Can you get any information about Cascade County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2023)   

  • Call the non-emergency dispatch (406)- 454-6979 for information on arrests.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s office at (406) 454-6820 for arrest records and incident and accident reports.
  • For information on arrest warrants and civil processes such as bench warrants, call the Justice of Peace/City Court at (406) 277-3621 (Belt), (406) 468-2808 (Cascade), or (406) 771-1380/ (406) 454-6871 (Great Falls).
  • Contact the District Court Clerk at (406) 454-6780 for judicial records.
  • For the victim’s assistance, call Victim-Witness Services at (406) 315-1111 or (406) 454-6820 ext. 347.

Cascade County Regional Detention Center

Serving Cascade County and several surrounding counties, the Cascade County Regional Detention Center is a regional jail facility in Great Falls, Montana. It has over 370 beds and was built in 1998. The county budget, state prison inmates, and federal prisoners fund the facility. The facility handles the Cascade County Sheriff’s arrests and other counties’ arrests.

Crime Statistics of Cascade County

In 2019, the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office received 321 criminal complaints, compared t, o 344 in 2018. There were 248 property offenses, and violent crime rates them.

The listed property offenses included 157 larceny thefts, 57 burglaries, and 34 motor vehicle thefts. In the category of violent crimes, there were 69 aggravated assaults, four rapes, and three robberies.

Older crime statistics

About one-half of all crimes reported in Cascade County, Montana occur when the victim is close to his office or home; that is a whopping 1700 plus cases. So, it would be best if you were careful when traversing the streets of your neighborhood. Annually, about 3900 crimes are reported in the area, and there has been an increase of almost 40% in violent crime rates.

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